Men’s view on how many dates before sex

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I know – girls worry. Oh, not have sex too early! Oh, not to tighten – and that will be disappointed and will merge. And when in time?

Long ago it was convinced – the woman solves at once. Saw and – oops, something clicked. No, she does not speak to herself – damn! But she has an internal readiness. The only task of the guy is not to throw out some trick. Well, for example, not to keep the appointment drunk or not to blurt out offensive about her mother. And just quietly to move to a bed. And the task of the woman is to come there at the right time because the first sex as I was convinced, in many respects defines the nature of a relationship.

A normal woman never gives sex on the first date. Only on second date – one my acquaintance joked. Well, on the first – early. Why? But because, probability is high, the guy will apprehend you just as the girl for sex. Even if you have brains, taste, sense of humor, you should prove long it, erasing the first impression. And not the fact that you will erase.

The second date – this option is the best. He, seems to me, it suits for the light vaudevillian novel for a month – another. Well, or for resort. In general, as I was convinced, governed simple here: than you know each other before sex better, the more will test joint emotions, the longer your novel will last.

    Even if you have brains, taste, sense of humor, you should prove long it, erasing the first impression. And not the fact that you will erase.

But here it is important not to tighten. If you have no sex on the third and fourth appointment, the guy can decide that you – the midfielder of Dynamo, and in general to dump in fog. (And correctly, by the way, will make). I had a case when the young lady reached a bed even on the fifth appointment! And next day we left – morally was tired of her. Pasted a star on the fuselage, departed further. What the hell for to me this bore?

But there is also the return: some persistent David is dragged for you for weeks, you, at last, give him, and … he is again dragged for weeks. Elicits access to a body. If this the beggar is necessary to you – there are no problems. But, you see, a high from it zero. Boring – as morning in a stopper. In general the fact that the man long waits for sex, the evidence of his lameness. Believe, it goes for you not because you a star and the goddess. Neo. To him, simply nobody wants to have sex. Offensively? Yes. But truth.

Date, perfect for sex, as I was convinced – the third. You already have about each other an idea, it is interesting to you, you are ready to know each other better. And sex for this purpose – ideal option. In the Bible there is very exact expression – get to know a girl.

Where how in a bed to do it?

There is no universal recipe for all – here I recommend to lean on certain factors. First, on the feelings arising between the man and the woman at contact. Secondly, on sense of purpose with which everyone came to this meeting (someone needs sex for one night, and someone wants a romantic relationship and so on). It is also important to realize the values and to try to understand what is value for the partner. And, of course, to estimate individual readiness for proximity.

horny couple after date

Useful will be to keep track of intensity of your meetings: one business – the third appointment for the third day of acquaintance, another – in several weeks when between meetings there is an online communication in which people know each other better. In the latter case we see other involvement and absolutely other depth: couple can come to the decision on readiness to enter intimate relationship in common.

Sex in itself is not a guarantor of a further relationship – as is not also the reason that people will run up right after that as will get up. Someone lives long and happily fast start, and someone inevitably leaves also after the tenth appointment.

Sex before sex

One more essential factor – understanding what is sex. It is not just physiological process: sex between the man and the woman arises much earlier, than they fall into horizontal position. It is an erotic part of a relationship, certain chemistry; this excitement and imaginations about the partner – is responsible for all aforesaid our emotional part which should allowing to be developed. The emotional involvement – an important component of love which we feel under the influence of chemical hormonal cocktail. At this moment interest in the person arises.

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Before direct sexual contact in couple weight tasty circulates, attractive emotions – the game consisting of flirtation and internal enthusiasm, deep contact and strong interest so begins. At such moments we idealize the partner, images which it is so pleasant to us to admire arise in the head … Between the man and the woman there is a spark also a passion. The intensity of experiences is sufficient is high without tensing it intimate proximity. Giving itself time for accommodation of this stage, both the man, and the woman award himself with pleasant emotions and an opportunity to prove.

Here we return to the question of the purposes of each person: whether he wants to play an erotic game or it is ready to start with desert first?