10 reasons to be happy that to you are 30+ and single

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Our columnist gave such arguments with which you will not argue!

Having had heard plenty of complaints of the lonely and beautiful 30-year-old girlfriends, I outright became sad. I too fine (and, as you can see, very modest!) and definitely unmarried. After long and full gloomy thoughts of reflections I was already ready to be depressed, but at some point, decided to look at a problem from a different angle. And suddenly understood that to be married in 30 badly, and sometimes it is even very good. And that is why …

1. Nobody takes out a brain by annoying you!

Why so late came from work? Houses are there is nothing! What the man is calls you on work after 9 in the evening?

It is in vain considered to be that women are champions on a brain blast. Men always and in everything surpass us, and in this case, undoubtedly, they are masters of the 80th level too.

2. It is not necessary to pass all fun

To ask for leave at the husband to sit with colleagues in bar after work? To refuse noisy parties in clubs because, according to your blessed partner, girls go only for the sake of an one kinky thing there? To pass a monthly sit-round gathering with girlfriends as he asked to stay at home? No. Pipes! Even from home you can connect to LiveJasmin and meet horny guys here and there all day long.

3. You feel like the woman, but not the dishwasher

Darling, where my socks? What shirt to me to put on today? How many times I explained to you how it is correct to do arrows on trousers?

O-oh! Alas, complete with the beloved you acquire also an additional set of obligations for the house.

Personally, I am a conservative person. Mother from the childhood hammered to me into the head that to be in charge of housekeeping – purely female duty. OK. It agrees. Cooking, cleaning and even carrying out of a garbage can – are not present problems!

But why to turn the woman into the maid? It is really so difficult to put dirty socks in the washing machine and to press a button START?

Is it being so difficult?

Yes, pancake, difficult! I smooth out arrows on your trousers! And then I will go I will make a dinner. And then I will wash all dishes. And you lie down, look at the TV set. Well or play on the computer …

4. Nobody awakes you in the morning on Saturday …

Honey, and that at us today for breakfast?

After a difficult labor week there is a devilish wish to have a sleep till a lunch, and it is best – till the evening. Instead, you hear: Honey, and that at us today for breakfast? You: Rise and trudge on kitchen, on the road in all jambs existing in the apartment …

And you will tell nothing, once and he dragged to your coffee in a bed. Few times. At the very beginning of the candy period …

5. It is not necessary to go to his mother …

Yes! I will open for you a big secret! Some women, as well as men, hate a sit-round gathering at parents. Especially in day off. Especially when in the morning you lifted for the sake of omelet …

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 6. It is possible to spend money for dresses and cosmetics!

Though all salary! And nobody will tell anything to you. And even a uniform look of reproach in your party!!!

My many married friends go to shops secretly from spouses. And never show them the new things. And if the husband noticed, is used tested for years: Yes, this is old … How? Did not you unless see? (Thank God, men are not able to reproduce for memory female clothes …)

7. If he needs new wheels, you buy to yourself a dress anyway!

Even if you have rather long and serious relationship, but you do not live together, then and the budget at you separate. And in marriage all the general. Especially money. And most often a priority not in your advantage …

8. You can though go out on dates every day

And every time with the new friend. And meetings will be romantic and unforgettable. And the apartment will be decorated by bouquets of flowers. And candies will always be in the house. And soft toys. And new spirits!

9. You will always have time for yourself …

Do you want to go to the gym? Go. Do you want to the hairdresser? Please. Do you want at cinema? To sit or perhaps all days off with the dirty head and in the stretched sweater and to look holiday in exchange or sex in a big the big city? And to devour box of chocolates for time? Yes, on health!

10. Every day it will be filled with the concerning expectation …

There is nothing more perfectly, than every morning to bring arrows in the eyes, to make up lips with red lipstick, and then to go outside, catch a smell of fall, to inhale it a full breast and to think: I will meet it exactly today?

And to hop in the subway under romantic music in earphones and to wink at the handsome, passing you at the crosswalk and to flirt with colleagues (but only to flirt!) and to be treated with a glass of wine in cozy bar in some boring week day, and even sometimes to long that so far you one, but know that it for a while and you even on advantage …


I am an optimist on life, and therefore it is convinced that everyone has couple. I sincerely believe that in the weather gods took care of all for a long time. And if you still one, then just time did not come yet. Or perhaps above decided that you are worthy the best and already all handles used up in search of the man, ideal for you, and even almost listed to the necessary page in the list of applicants. If to you 30, and you are not married, it is at all not an occasion to lower hands. Because once it after all will come, and to happiness there will be no end. And ironing. And washing. And cooking. And to socks under a bed … But that’s another story!