5 types of women who never marry


Practically each woman wants in marriage. And even if she does not speak about it, then all the same wants. However, in the modern world this rule needs adjustment.

Values Freedom

Very often the marriage is associated with some restrictions: any self-development, any yoga, any meetings with girlfriends, travel and easy way of life. Only children, husband, house and recipe-books. The man is always responsibility, and often it frightens women. Especially independent women. And here then the mentality to protect itself, begins to equate a marriage to the termination of freedom. And it will want to someone?

High achievement person

It is quite difficult for financially independent women to meet the man of the same level. And even not the, and above. The successful man does not see the need for the woman who works hard. Why to him such companion of life if she is not able to take care of it adequately? The movement to the purpose and high earnings – all this is more inherent in a strong half. Therefore, the second type does not marry anymore not because of fear to be imprisoned but because almost cannot find to itself worthy couple. Business ladies make good money therefore they want to meet the man by higher than the level: and on a social ladder, and on career. But it is complex to find it: many men are pushed away by a pressure and domineering character.

Cam girl work

It is really hard for such girls to find a man because internet never forgets. There a lot of girls who work as webcam models on various live adult entertainment websites such as icamming.com owned by Jasmin, just later they find out that it’s hard to go out and quit this modelling job. Because photos will be never out of the internet.  Often these women are very beautiful and looking for a successful man, but the problem is that after the future husband finds out that she was working as a camgirl – he leaver her in most cases. In this case it’s best to be honest and tell the guy that you were working as a webcam model.

sexy camgirl on bed

Princess from the tower

Such girls always wait for the prince on white “Mercedes” and they have a list with qualities which sometimes are simply incompatible in one person. The phrase “not just like that appeared I wait for the prince, and all others do not approach”. However, it is impossible to wait for the thought-up hero from the movie “Beauty”. It is always necessary to remember that there are no ideal people just, and it is impossible to meet such faultless set in one man, most likely. And if in the nature there is no such man then and to marry there is nobody.

Disrespectful bitches

A lot of beautiful girls are so spoiled today that they don’t respect not only the person they love but everyone else also. The main person in her life is she! This is bad girls, and if you threat other people that way you will regret soon and be alone for the rest of your life, or until you realize that this behavior is bad. Appreciation is the key in such situations. Girls should appreciate every little thing their significant other does for them and do the same. It’s a two-way river in relationships. I also recommend to read 5 languages of love as it will help to understand other person and, in many cases, yourself.

Wife daughter

Very widespread type of women who dream to meet the male father who would solve all her problems – emotional, financial, social and physical. It is pleasant to some men, but there is one “but” – if to the woman 45+, then to find the suitable male father already much more difficult. Here one regularity is traced: men are touched by young infantile girls. If the man looks for the coeval, then he automatically does not consider the infantile woman, and wants to meet the girlfriend and the partner.

I do not want you, I have an allergy

There are also such women who have in literal sense an allergy to men. Most often it arises because of unsuccessful marriage, they are disappointed in a relationship with men because of heavy treachery. And they form psychosomatic reaction which leads to full rejection of men. It is the most complex case, however even it can be cured in therapy. The main thing – existence of desire to get rid of it. There is no desire – no therapy will help.

Final word

The most important that should be remembered – it is important not just to marry, but to start a happy family for many years and to love truly the person with whom you live.